This is not a beauty blog and Saras is not and (probably) will never be a beauty blogger.


I have been taking care of my skin more intensively these days. I guess it has got to do with the fact that over time, I've become more and more interested in make up which is pretty funny because I remember how I hated and didn't really understand why people would spend money on make up when I was in tenth grade. I mean why would you spend > IDR 100.000 over something that won't last?

I started gravitating towards make up in twelfth grade. Started putting on lipstick, doing my brows. I've expanded my horizons now - been putting on eyeshadow, trying to contour, trying on highlighters. I don't wear make up full-face make up everyday but ever since then I feel like taking care of my skin should be a part of my routine. Gotta thank my skin and apologise to it after all the abuse I've done to it, am I right?

Back then, in high school, my skin care routine was hella simple. Face wash and...... that was it. No moisturiser, no toner, no essence, no sunblock. My Clean and Clear face wash was good enough for me and even though my mom constantly reminded me to put on all those other things and care a little more for my skin, I never listened to her until just recently. My skin care has become more intensive now, and it doesn't end at face wash. It includes a series of steps which include cleansing, applying clay/liquid mask, moisturizing part 1, moisturizing part 2, pimple cream and sunblock at day and a similar one at night, just that I put on a mask-sheet instead and leave it on until the next day.

These are the products that I have been using (and loving)! Prior to this I've only tried moisturizers from a local cosmetic brand called Wardah and Clean and Clear. Honestly, I didn't think my skin reacted to those mositurizers in a sense that it neither got drier nor did it become any smoother.

Quick Review

1. Clean and Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser

Decent cleanser, I've been using this since junior high. It doesn't make my skin bumpy, dry, or breakout which is a good thing. Plus it's affordable!

2 & 3.  Innisfree's Green Tea Fresh Essence & Fresh Cream

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Innisfree. I first heard of Innisfree from my friends. They are lovers of the Korean culture - KPOP, K-Drama, Korean beauty, you name it. I myself have never gotten into the Korean Fever hence my lack of interest in Korean Brands. However one day I was wandering around Senayan City and decided to check Innisfree out. A lot of my friends said Innisfree sells good products. Not even exaggerating, I spent about an hour checking out and deciding what to buy there. They sold a lot of goods packed with pretty packagings. I ended up buying 10 mask-sheets and their Skinny Mascara. I was also running out of moisturizers and spotted that they did sell a variety of moisturizers which I didn't end up buying for I wasn't brave enough to buy a huge tube of their cream and essences, afraid that my skin wouldn't react to it and they weren't exactly cheap.

So I paid the goods I bought and the cashier asked me whether or not I'd like to be a member of Innisfree. It was free so I thought why not.

Before checking out the cashier gave me this Innisfree Member Starter Kit  which came with three cute little bottles of respectively, the Green Tea Toner, Green Tea Fresh Essence and Green Tea Fresh Cream. (Sweet, freebies!) I applied the products very mindfully on my face on a daily basis, making sure that they would last at least a month - and they did, except for the toner. I had a great first impression of the Green Tea Fresh Essence and Cream - the texture was gel-like and it felt refreshing to the skin. The toner was not too amazing, it was just well, a toner.

After a week or so I began to notice a change in my skin. It felt smoother, a little brighter, and it started looking healthier! So I continued using the products until I ran out of it and decided it was time to buy the Essence & Fresh Cream in their original sizes. I had never tried products that actually caused my skin to feel better before this. Less dry sure, but not this smooth. So these two products really did leave me astounded.

4. Innisfree's Super Volcanic Clay Mask (Sample Size)

One of the reasons why I love Innisfree is probably be the fact that (perhaps it was just a coincidence) I always get freebies whenever I shop there. On my second visit to the store, I decided to buy the Green Tea Fresh Cream and Fresh Essence and about 10 mask-sheets. When I checked out, I once again received freebies. This time I received two sets of freebies. The first set consisted of Innisfree's best-selling products and the second set consisted of Innisfree's Super volcanic pore-care collection. The set included a cleanser, a toner and the Super Volcanic Clay Mask. I've heard good reviews online, and so I was excited to give it a try. And as expected I really did like it.

There are three main reasons why I am a fan of this product. One, my skin feels super duper clean. It does not feel moisturized, but tingly clean. Two, the clay mask has this cooling sensation which I love. And three, it has a subtle scent.  However, my love for Innisfree's Green Tea Series is definitely more dominant than my love for their Super Volcanic Clay Mask.

5. Lush's Cup O' Coffee Mask

Lush is unfortunately unavailable in Indonesia so I had to ask my cousin to help me get this for me when she was in the United States. I also bought their Seanik Shampoo Bar which I was keen on trying. The closest Lush outlet would be the one in Singapore. My thoughts? I love, love, love the packaging and I do like products with good packagings. I'm not going to lie, packaging is a deal breaker/maker to me. It is the number one determinant on whether I would or would not buy a product. Number two would be reviews from other users. So two thumbs up for that.

Second, I love the texture. It is thick, has got some coffee grains mixed to it too and I love what it does to my skin. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth after each application. However one thing that I dislike about this product is its strong smell.

Truth to be told my skin care routine has been a routine that I look forward to. I never thought that I would ever be this girly considering how I never quite understood why people would spend half an hour just prepping their face for the day back then.

x Saras