Janis and I planned to go street food hunting way before our term break started. There are several places that I really want to visit in Jakarta like Soto Agus in Barito, Sate Ayam RSPP located next to the RSPP Hospital and some food stalls in Pasar Santa. It had been a while since the last time Janis and I had something that we call our 'life-therapy' (basically a day filled with exploration and picnics along with movie marathons) so it was about time we started exploring new places. 

We finally got to do it yesterday but it wasn't very 'street-food'. Unfortunately we didn't get to try Soto Agus and the satay sold near RSPP but we did pay Pasar Santa a visit along with a coffeeshop and a satay stall in the Senopati-SCBD area recommended by the search engine we all love, Google. God bless technology. 

NUMERO UNO: Caribou Coffee - Senopati 

First impression? Cozy place, loved the baristas. Although I do think that almost all baristas in this world are friendly, I do think that the baristas here were exceptionally friendly. Ever since college I've been drinking lots and coffee and to my surprise, been enjoying it with less sugar. I was a tea person before this for coffee was just too strong and I guess I preferred something sweet. I was (and still occasionally am) one of those people who would order a cup of Ice Blended Green Tea latte to coffeeshops and my brother, who have always preferred coffee over tea, would make fun of me then. But these days I can handle espressos, cortados, and of course lattes with less sugar just fine. I ordered a nice small-sized cup of Iced Latte and Janis had a cup of Hot Chai Tea.

Price? Just like any other cafes out there I guess. I could be wrong but if I remember correctly, the price range is from IDR 20.000-50.000. The latte I ordered was around IDR 30.000. 

Out of 10 I would give Caribou Coffee a rating of 8/10. I honestly loved, loved, loved the place. I found it to be quite pretty and cozy. Good decors, loved the potted plants and the cozy couches too. As mentioned before, the service was amazing and the latte was great. 

NUMERO DOS: Glasch Nitrogen Ice Cream - Pasar Santa

When we arrived at Pasar Santa we were hoping to try all sorts of things. We were hoping to try all the food from stalls we found interesting. HOWEVER, most of the stalls were closed. Lesson learned, we should've done our research before going somewhere. A similar thing happened to us when we were in Kuala Lumpur. Our agenda that day was to visit the places we listed down - The Central Market (Pasar Seni), Pavilion and a few Instagram-worthy places and breakfast at this restaurant called LOKL. After walking from our hotel first thing in the morning for half an hour or so (morning exercise much?) we arrived at LOKL to find out that the place would only be opened the next day.

Anyway, we were glad to find that not every stall in Pasar Santa at that time. After wandering about the place with only a limited options in our hands, an ice cream parlour caught our eye amid the dark. And so we sat at Glasch Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlour and ordered three scoops of ice cream for us to share.

First impression? I really thought that it was cute how the ice cream was named after astronomy-themed things. I've also been a fan of nitrogen ice cream parlours (Ron's Lab for example) mainly because of the nitrogenous experience so I was pretty excited to give this one a try.

Price? The small cup (1 scoop of ice cream only) costs IDR 35.000 while the regular cup, the one that we had, came with 3 scoops of ice cream and costs IDR 45.000. We had our ice cream with waffles and a few toppings.

We ordered the Nutella Banana flavored ice cream, the Caramel Salt flavored ice cream, and the Cookies and Cream-esque flavored ice cream. My favorite was the caramel salt one. Honestly, Glasch's ice cream was neither the best nor the worst. So I would give it a rating of 4/10. The ice cream was creamy but not creamy enough to my liking and it was saddening how I didn't get to see liquid nitrogen evaporating from the ice cream which was something that I was personally looking forward to!

NUMERO TRES: Satay Club - Grand Lucky Superstore

Next, for our big lunch we headed to the Satay Club which is located in the Grand Lucky Superstore's food court. I was craving for satay and with a little help of Google Maps and Gojek, we found this place. But first, let us appreciate Janis' way of saving up! Bring a tumbler everywhere you go guys, not spending money on beverage is a good way of saving some moola.

Janis ordered a plate of Sate Padang while I ordered a plate of, as expected, Sate Taichan. Sate Taichan is this type of satay which have been recently hyped up that is served with lots of (presumably) MSG and hot sauce. Fun fact, back then the idea of Sate Taichan didn't really interest me. But of course, until the day my friend brought a take-away plate of Sate Taichan to campus and I had my first bite. Not gonna lie, it was heaven to me bruh. So I guess up till now I'm still on the search of finding a plate of Sate Taichan as delicious as the one I tasted.

I found one stall that sold an almost-there version of the one I had across my old apartment. Need to try the ones in Senayan one day.

Anyway, I didn't have high expectations for this one because I've honestly come to terms with the fact that I should lower down my standards otherwise everything I try would taste bad if not okay to me. And well, as expected the Sate Taichan I had from the Satay Club was honestly meh. Entertaining though for someone who was craving for a plate of juicy, salty, spicy Sate Taichan but I still prefer the stall across my old apartment. My rating? 6/10.

So let's conclude shall we? Out of the three places I visited my favorite was Caribou Coffee. Cozy place, good coffee, good playlist too. I had such a good time with Janis yesterday and I came home feeling full and sleepy.

x Saras