God bless term breaks. I've been having my term break since May/June and decided not to travel anywhere far but instead catch up with a lot of high school friends. Truth to be told I've always thought that high school will pretty much end when we've graduated - as melancholic as this sounds I guess I've allowed myself into thinking that it is completely normal not to stay in touch because well, that's life. But so far it hasn't been like that for me and I'm glad. Although I don't see my high school friends as frequent as I did before, I'm just entirely grateful that I got to see them this term break over our must-have almost-a-ritual barbecue which we've done for, believe it or not, three good years!

God bless all the food we were having. We usually have steak and grilled sausages but this time we decided to change it up a bit to something fishy. Fish and chips made from scratch, with grilled chicken wings, sausages and our impromptu pan-fried tuna which by the way, turned out pretty good!

Oji had his birthday recently so we threw him a little birthday surprise with of course flour and eggs involved. And also party hats and a cake we bought from Tous Le Jours because well, we honestly aren't that mean. 

And of course, just because it's tradition, we ended the night with three horror films (actually two, with the other one more of a thriller). It was a pretty good night and it's always great to return home and catch up with the people who you are too familiar with, don't you think?

x Saras