Day well spent. I guess I can say that I have an older sister now, at least for 3 months. Pops' friend's daughter is staying at our place for three months. She is from Thailand, staying here for her three months internship at pops' workplace. It's her first time in Jakarta so I thought it was a good time to show her the big ol' city. Started the morning with a plate of nasi goreng, introduced her to my fave Indo dishes (ketoprak, tahu gejrot, soto betawi), a brief get-to-know sesh over coffee, a visit to of course, Monas and last but not least to top it all off, salmon salad.

I also learned some Thai today!
Maew (Pronounced as something like "meo/meong"..... I think): Cat
Hma (Pronounced as "Maaa"): Dog
Khi tm (Pronounced as "Kaa Toon"): Boiled egg
Khob kun kaa: Thank you
Sawadika: Hello
Ha: 5 (Hence 555 is Hahaha. Cool eh?)

Note: I'm pretty sure I misspelled thank you & hello in Thai.

x Saras