INTRO: I sure have been away for a while and I really am starting to miss documenting my life in a form of words. I didn't have the time to do so but exam week is over and here I am now! Also, I cannot believe the fact that I've been in medical school for one full academic year now. I guess sure, medical school takes a while(7 years for you to be an actual doctor with a license to practice. Imagine that.) but i guess time passes so fast, you'll get there in no time. 

I thought about how my first year went and it sure was a roller coaster ride. Think of this as a heads up for those of you who are about to enter medical school, especially if you got into UPH like I did. Like you, I was excited for my first day. I was so excited to be taught by doctors, to train myself into thinking like them. I remember buying a set of new buttoned shirts - partially because i wanted to change my style from less edgy into a more professional look, but well the true reason behind it is because it is compulsory for us to wear a buttoned shirt and a pair of business pants, sneakers weren't allowed. So yes on my first day i looked like a bloody nerd (but well as time passes of course i modified my look a little. Changed my shitty pants with a pair of leggings. They're black and they sort of resemble business pants anyway. As long as you don't get caught, you'll be okay bub.)

In medical school we use this system called the Block System where you learn an entire topic from different aspects. The block would last for five weeks (except for my Fundamental Medical Science 1 block which was for 8 weeks and my First Aid block which sadly lasted for only two) and at the end of each block we'd have to sit for an exam. Trust me, it is stressful but I guess as time passes you'll be immune to it - to both the stress and the fear of failing. 

Academically I learned all sorts of things over the past 1 year. Physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, microbiology, cytology, parasitology, histology, pathology you name it. My favorite would be anatomy because I got to see actual muscles and organs on cadavers and my second favorite would be histology. My least favorite would be microbiology despite its importance in medicine but I guess I will have to learn how to love it sooner or later. But other than the things I learned from hours of lectures I guess I did acquire some med-school surviving skills. 

Overtime I did learn how to manage my time better and I experimented and learned what learning style suits me best. Overtime I learned that it was impossible to go through medical school without a support system and I don't think I would've gone through my first year just fine without my friends, my family and also my significant other. I also learned to enjoy the learning process and I also learned that it's okay to be demotivated (trust me I've had days where I felt so demotivated I began doubting myself.) But I guess whatever happens, you just have to keep on moving and never give up, as cliche as that sounds. 

In overall, it is true my first year was a roller coaster ride but it was an amazing one. I don't regret being in medical school despite its tiring schedule, despite its high demands. 

x Saras