I was scrolling through my photo library and I stumbled upon a set of Gudak shots I took a long time ago. Circa October 2017, Jakarta on a sunny Sunday. Not sure why I didn't write anything about it yet, but here goes it:

Deshinta and I became local tourists that day. She picked me up from my place before sunrise and we headed to the city. We parked the car in Gelora Bung Karno, walked outside to the nearest bus stop and took a bus to Bundaran HI. We had planned to take the bus and travel everywhere for ages by then but only got to do it that day. But of course all the traveling happened after I had to finish my morning Sunday chore of "Tenda-tensi" - checking glucose levels and blood pressures of bypassers to raise money for an event I was participating in amid the high rise buildings and other booths selling breakfast and drinks. So that ended at around 10 am-ish and there we went! But of course before we headed to our main destination (Kota Tua) we stopped by a booth selling Mie ayam. Every hour is mie ayam hour am I right?

I remember I wasn't very pleased with the mie ayam I had, the price was a wee bit more expensive than the mie ayam I usually had from the Driver's Canteen in my campus (which closed down a while back, sadly). But oh well least I was high on carbohydrate and MSG and we were good to go! I forgot where the nearest bus stop was so we ended up walking to the Sarinah Bus Station - well we were finally exercising for real in the spirit of Car Free Day! We took the bus and reached the destination we had been wanting to go for a long, long while. And yes, we were greeted by white ancient buildings different from the buildings we saw earlier this morning - not very tall, a little stout painted all white and very 'Dutch.' A little too old for this era, but I guess that is what makes this part of the town a tourist spot. It was pretty hectic that day, a lot of bypassers & motorcycles flying around the road, angkot drivers & cars honking here and there - I am so glad we took the bus.

We went to our first stop - Museum Bank Indonesia which of course displayed a collection of old moolah. Next we went to Cafe Batavia to have lunch. Deshinta ordered a plate of ayam penyet & I had a plate of spaghetti carbonara which I kinda regretted for the ayam penyet was more flavorful than my carbonara and the portion was bigger too! I guess I wasn't very lucky with food that day.

On the way back we stopped at monas. We were hoping to be able to go up the monument but sadly it was full and we had to wait until 7 pm to go. Remembering how we both had classes the next day we decided to go another time and before we went home we chilled in the park for two hours and only then took the bus to Gelora Bungkarno where Deshinta parked her car.



Happy new year! 2017 was a blast for me. A lot of things happened last year, both the good and the bad. There were lots of changes that I had to encounter and adapt to but that's okay, what's life without a few tweaks around, am I right?

Last year I watched Honne & The Phoenix live, I fell in love with local bands like The Adams and Efek Rumah Kaca. Last year I survived first year of medical school (hooray!). Last year I was made project officer for a 6-weeks event called GEBROK (Gerakan Berhenti Merokok). Last year I broke up with my boyfriend (now ex) of 6 years but it was also last year that I finally realised life works in mysterious ways and that there is no way of predicting the future. It was the year when I realized to just go with it and (if possible) actually be in the present. It was also last year where my Grandfather passed away. It was also last year where I became closer to my friends, and made new friends too. 2017 really did change me. It was a great year all in all, and I hope that this year will be better!

I spent the first 2 hours of new year's eve with my friends. We had a barbecue the night before that. As usual Ivan brought sparkling water, Deshinta brought chicken wings, Oji made pie, Intan brought snacks, Janis made a big bowl of nice mashed potatoes. It was a lovely night spent with friends over nice freshly grilled steak, mashed potatoes, pie, and chicken wings! We threw Deshinta, Janis and Intan a belated surprise party too which ended with eggs and shaving cream (yes we actually used shaving cream instead of whipped cream this time) smeared on all of our faces, hair soaked in egg yolk and our clothes drenched in water. As usual we ended the night with horror movies. This time we watched Amityville and Shutter Island (which isn't actually really included in the horror genre) but it was a great night of catching up, and laughing.

 Here's a photo of the gang and their bitch-faces and me trying to hold my laugh. I used to be so good at making bitch-faces, I swear.

 And so after 5-6 takes, we gave up taking a bitchy-looking group photo and ended up with this one

I honestly don't have a lot of resolutions listed down on my list but in overall, I do wish to be a better person this year. I wish to be more patient, more positive, more forgiving, more organised and I wish to be happier this year.

I am genuinely excited to start the year. I'm not sure what will happen this year but I certainly hope that 2018 will be a great year.

Anyway, here's to a great new year! Wishing all of us the very best.
x Saras



Trips to the library, PBL classes, brief mental breakdowns over trying to differentiate P and Q waves of an ECG, labs, dinners with friends, trips to a cafe to yet again be productive, and lunches at Ikea - this is what a month of cardiology pretty much looks like.

Photos taken with Gudak.

x Saras